Kaley Cuoco wants to wear wedding outfit every week

"I am wearing (the jumpsuit) now, is that weird? I wish I could wear them every single weekend," Cuoco told people.com. However, the 32-year-old beauty said that her jumpsuit is looking quite dirty so she won't be wearing it any time soon. She said: "I changed into my jumpsuit for the late-night dance party. The jumpsuit, in fact, I think there is ketchup on it from the burger I ate at midnight. "The dress still looks flawless. I had no intention of wearing a veil but I still wanted something special and unique that would stand out. When Reem Acra came up with the cape I was blown away." Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook exchanged "simple" gold wedding bands and though the actress was initially "unsure" about the plain design, she adores the jewellery now. "Karl did the choosing of all the rings and he wanted us to have simple classy gold bands. At first, I was unsure but now I absolutely adore them." Cuoco's dress and beaded cape was made from 50 yards of pure silk chiffon while the fabric was decorated with handmade floral appliqués and embroidered tulle. It took 10 seamstresses - who hand embroidered the gown - to finish the piece.
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