Bieber loses right to defend himself in vandalism case

According to court documents obtained by a website The Blast, the judge overseeing the pop star's battle with his former neighbour Jeff Schwartz has sanctioned Bieber for failing to sit for his deposition on multiple occasions. Schwartz urged lawmakers to issue a warrant for the singer's arrest after Bieber skipped a deposition last month to hang out with his fiancee Hailey Baldwin here, reports The judge declared that since Bieber had refused deposition requests, he will not be allowed to "testify on his own defence". The jury will also be told that Bieber "refused to appear for his deposition", and now it will be admitted as fact that Bieber is liable for the infamous 2014 egg attack on his ex-neighbour's home - and that he did so "with malice". The judge also ordered the star to pay Schwartz $7,500 in sanctions for missing the depositions. --IANS
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