My decision to film ‘Ramayan’ has nothing to do with politics: Kunal Kohli

"I am doing a new interpretation of the 'Ramayan'. Why another? Because I feel the message and characters of the 'Ramayan' are more relevant today than ever before. "We're living in times when the 'Ramayan' asserts its value to us in unexpected ways," said Kohli. He says he is not casting "stars" for the film. "I am going with relative newcomers in the 'Ramayan'. It is important to cast unfamiliar faces in the 'Ramayan'. Established actors with images do not work in the mythological context," said Kohli, who feels there are episodes in the "Ramayan" he would like to use in his film. "It is not possible to film the entire scripture. That was possible when Ramanand Sagar shot the 'Ramayan' as a marathon television series. In a film, one has to select certain portions." Kohli has zeroed in on the portions of the "Ramayan" he wants to shoot. "Now the casting is in process. We plan to complete and release the film by next year." Is he attempting to be politically correct by making the "Ramayan" at a time when Hindutva is a big political force? "Not at all! I am not the least political. I don't even pretend to understand politics. My decision to film the 'Ramayan' has nothing to do politics," said the director, known for films like "Hum Tum" and "Fanaa". --IANS
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