Apart from fuel refilling you can also use petrol pumps for this purpose!

    For most, 'petrol pump' means only a fuel-refilling station. But do you know, how can it can serve us in many other ways?

It can help us when we have roadside emergencies, facilitate urgent calls, and give advanced first-aid and washrooms.

Most prominent point? All these are for free!

Here's some ways petrol-pumps can help you that you probably don't know about.

Doubt fuel tampering? Get quality and quantity check of fuel

These are part of 'Marketing Discipline Guidelines' that were made mandatory in 2016 by The Oil Marketing Companies.

The first one is a real relief: 'Quality and quantity  check'. This help us to ask for a filter-paper test for quality-check. For quantity-check as well,services are available.

Have a punctured tire? Visit nearby petrol pump immediately

  The following one is also important for your vehicles: filling air in vehicle tires.

In almost every petrol pump, there are tire-filling stations, yet you either pay for its services or those are defunct. However, now you know it's for free.

So next time, if the petrol pump staff requests even Rs. 10 for filling air into tires,lodge a complaint immediately.

Urgent telephone-call? Medical emergency? Accident? Petrol pumps can help

  As specified before, petrol pumps also become helpful during medical or other types of emergencies.

To start with, they should have an updated, full first-aid kit for tending to an accident victim.

Additionally, in exigencies, any fuel station should allow you to make a phone call for free, like when you have to call up an accident victim's friend or want some help.

Fellow women, traveling with heavy bladder? Go to nearby petrol-pump

Discussing emergencies, on the off chance that nature calls all of a sudden, you can visit petrol pumps.

Accessibility of toilets should come as a huge relief to women travelers, who often struggle to find clean, hygienic washrooms.

Petrol pumps are additionally bound to have filtered water available for free. So head to the nearest pump when your bottle goes empty!

Dealers are commanded to check if all facilities are fine

Dealers are commanded to ensure all facilities are accessible.

On the off chance that a Petrol pump draw defaults for the first time, their sales and supplies will be suspended for 15 days, which reaches out to 30 days in case of second violation.

For third violation, dealership will be ended.

For unsatisfactory toilets, petrol pumps are fined Rs. 10,000 for the first-time, which keeps going up if the violations continues.

By: Dhruvish Shah

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