All you need to know about ‘golden blood,’ the rarest blood type

We all know people who have variations of blood groups A, B and O. But have you ever come across someone who has golden blood? Most likely not.  As only 43 people in the world have been found with this blood group in the last 57 years, making it the rarest of all. Read on to know what makes it so valuable.  

What is golden blood?

The surface of blood cells is surrounded with up to 342 antigens whose combination determines a person's blood group.
In 1961, a new type, that lacked all 61 antigens in the Rh system, was found. It was named Rh-null. 43 individuals have had it, however as of now there are just nine active donors, making it the world's most valuable blood group.

Making Rh-null blood donations isn't simple

People with Rh-null blood can be universal donors but because of its rarity, it can get extremely difficult for them. Also, donating the golden blood across borders isn't simple. The procedure is frequently hampered by bureaucracy. A few nations simply don't permit it. The individuals who do, don't pay the givers for travel, forcing them to do it at their own cost.  

Individuals with Rh-null blood group lead regular lives

 There are no other effects or health complications of having Rh-null blood group. In spite of the fact that such individuals can be somewhat anemic, they can have regular lives.
However, as a result of the uncommonness of their blood, they should be extra careful. They can't be careless with activities that can cause injuries and result in blood loss. They likewise should be more careful than others when travelling.  

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