Have a look at world’s 5 most expensive smartphones

  At the point when the iPhone X was launched a year ago, it shocked a large number of us - one for its never-seen before notched display and two, for its hefty price tag of $1000.

Nonetheless, in the world of the most expensive smartphones - full of diamond-studded jewel-like devices to special supercar edition smartphones, iPhone X falls in the budget category.

Here are the 5 most expensive smartphones.

Vertu Signature Touch tailor-made for Bentley

Luxury smartphone maker Vertu closed down a year ago. However, a few of its best pieces, such as the Signature Touch, are as yet cherished by the super-rich.

The Android-based phone begins at $9,000 and goes up to $19,000 for the top-end variant.

Tailor-made for Bentley, the phone has a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 21MP back camera and a 5.2-inch display covered by sapphire.

Goldvish Eclipse Desiring Arcadia Onyx Alligator


Design and handmade by Swiss-based Goldvish, the Eclipse Desiring Arcadia Onyx Alligator smartphone costs an enormous $108,976.

The Android-based phone includes a Baguette cut diamond alongside 360 diamonds set in 316L stainless steel on the back panel, with a black-colored Alligator leather casing.

The smartphone has a 5.5-inch screen, quad-core Snapdragon processor, 64GB storage, 13MP back camera and 5MP seflie snapper.

ViPN Black Diamond


For $300,000, one could purchase a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. But, 5 people chose to buy the ViPN Black diamond Windows phone.

The phone features three 3-carat precious diamonds on the back and a 0.25 on the joystick, which are all removable.

Notably, just 5 phones were made and no one knows who claims them. Guess somebody who loves Black diamonds?

Diamond Cryto Smartphone

  In 2006, Russia-based JSC Ancort developed  a Windows CE-based smartphone that comes with Motorola MX21 processor and powerful encryption technology.

The phone, named Diamond Crypto, is aptly named for its totally encrypted technology and comes studded with 50 diamonds  (including 10 rare blue diamonds).

Let's think of its price, how does a $1.3 million price tag sound like?

Well, it's for real.

Black Diamond iPhone 5

Evaluated at a mammoth $15.3 million, the Black Diamond iPhone 5 is the world's most costly phone.

Created by designer Stuart Hughes, this is basically an iPhone 5 with a solid gold chassis and a 26-carat single black deep cut diamond which replaces the home button.

Besides, around 600 white diamonds adorn the edge alongside 53 diamonds making the Apple logo.

By: Dhruvish Shah

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