International Beer Day: Have a look at weirdest beer ever brewed!

  On International Beer Day, we present to you a collection of beers  that are made of the most weirdest ingredients ever. Take a look.

Beer stuffed in dead animals

Brewdog's The End of History is the second most strongest lager on the planet where the blonde beer is implanted with nettles, juniper berries and other stuff yet that is not all. The most disturbing part is that it is served in the bodies of dead animals – you can choose from a stoat, squirrel or rabbit. Simply pushing the limits.

Beard beer

Rebel Ales have made brews with unusual ingredients yet this brew tops them all. Made with real human beard, the thought for this beer started as a joke and nine strands of hair were plucked from brewmaster John Maier's beard. After assessment it was discovered that the strands contain a natural yeast suitable for brewing and the rest is history.

Sheep dung and smoked whale testicles beer

  Iceland's Stedji Brewery prepared a beer with sheep dung and smoked whale testicles in it! The Hvalur 2 was sold for a limited period in 2015 to mark  the Icelandic celebration of Thorri. Now, for what reason would you need ocean-submerged testicles in your mouth.

Pizza beer

Love pizza? You will probably love this Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer. A brainchild of Tom and Athena Seefurt, this lager is fermented with basil, oregano, tomato, garlic and, obviously, pizza crust.

Oyster beer

Flying Dog put a different take to pairing beer with oysters when they launched this stout. The brewery uses Rappahannock River oysters and that is the reason there is a little salty aftertaste in your mouth after having one.

By: Dhruvish Shah  
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