There are 5 countries other than India that celebrate their Independence Day on Aug 15

August 15, 1947, the day when India got freedom from British rule by the penances of the legends of our own country. Furthermore, today we are overpowering with the vibe of patriotism and pride.

Do you know we are by all account not the only country which gotten freedom on August 15?

There are five nations other than India that celebrate their Independence Day on August 15. Have a look here:

1. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is known as one of the smallest nations of the world and in 1866 the nation gained freedom from German however after such huge numbers of years in 1940, they marked August 15 as its Independence Day.

2. North Korea

Did you know North Korea and its sister state South Korea was led by Japanese colonization for 35 years? What's more, both the Korean state got freedom from Japan on August 15, 1945.

3. South Korea

And after 3 years of Independence, the country was officially named the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 1948.

4. Bahrain

Bahrain, the Middle Eastern island nation got freedom from its British colonial rulers on 15 August 1971.

5. The Republic of Congo

The Republic of the Congo gained full freedom from France on August 15, 1960, and this year citizens will celebrate their 28th Independence Day.

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