‘Madame Secretary’ actor begs co-star for a scene with Hillary Clinton

Washington DC, [USA] Aug 17 (ANI): A cast member from the famous American TV series 'Madam Secretary' has begged another co-star Tea Leoni, to help him star opposite senator, Hillary Clinton in a special scene. The scene has Colin Powell, former National Security Advisor and Madeleine Albright, former United States Secretary of state, reported Page Six. The cast member, Erich Bergen decided to request Leoni as after he got his hands on the script of this episode, he learned that he wasn't in the scene he wished to be in. The actress finally helped let Bergen into that specific scene he wished for. Clinton, Powell, and Albright had shot a special scene in July and are scheduled to appear in the show's fifth season, which is set to be premiered in October. (ANI)
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