Rajpath Club’s Swimming coach Hardik Patel beats 12 yr old girl, parents support coach’s act

A video of Rajpath Club's swimming coach Hardik Patel beating 12-year-old girl at Ahmedabad's best club Rajpath Club went viral on social media, but parents whose children train under him came out in support of the swimming coach Hardik Patel. The video was captured by an eyewitness on Thursday evening while the coach was abusing and beating the girls for finishing the lap 12 seconds late.

On Friday evening, while coming out in support of swimming coach Hardik Patel and questioning the veracity of the video, the parents said, “We do not have any problem with conduct of the swimming coach Hardik Patel. He was doing his work. He did not hit anyone. We doubt the video that was circulating on social media.”

President of Rajpath Club , Jagdish Patel said all the members, including the parents of the girl concerned, favoured the coach.

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