Couples in Tamil Nadu get petrol as wedding gift

Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu) [India], Sep 18 (ANI): Owing to the skyrocketing prices of fuel, a group of friends here decided to gift petrol as a wedding present. The group made the unusual move of gifting two bottles filled with petrol to their newly-wedded friends in order to highlight the plight being faced by common people due to steep rise in fuel prices across the country. Speaking to ANI, Vijay, one of the friends, said "It was a move to make the government aware. We hope that the government will take some measures in this regard." Earlier, another couple in the area received petrol as a gift on their wedding, contained in a 5 litre canister. On Monday, the commuters in the region paid Rs 87.11 to get a litre of petrol and Rs 79.67 per litre for diesel. On Sunday Cuddalore residents had to shell out Rs 86.74 for a litre of petrol and Rs 79.41 for diesel.
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