Avoid these daily foods which can cause Cancer

Avoid these daily foods which can cause dreaded disease such as Cancer

Daily Foods to Avoid :-

Canned Food

Most canned food these days have a plastic coating inside the can to supposedly keep the food, vegetables, and fruits – fresh. Well, it may keep them more fresh that otherwise without it being stored up inside a metal object, but this comes at the expense of harming you. The inner plastic lining is poisonous at small measures, although FDA tells us that the small amounts should not worry us too much. Well this plastic coating is Bisphenol or BPA for short and it is harmful, first because humans are not suppose to eat plastic material made from crude oil. BPA is a toxic chemical that causes hormone imbalances and wide variety of health issues ranging from hypertension, aggression, obesity to cancer and heart disease.

Hydrogenated Oils

The body makes use of fats to repair the cellular membranes, so naturally, the dietary fat that people consume will shape the cellular membranes. This process matches the definition of cancer which is, uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells and hydrogenated oils work to design such cells. So, please try to avoid it.

Microwaveable Popcorn

Microwaveable Popcorns are bad for us as it is highly carcinogenic says 1MD. The lining of the bag is polished with chemicals which get soaked up by the porous popped kernels. That's not it, artificially popped, soaked in butter popcorns, release fumes which carry toxic carcinogenic chemicals.

Salted and Pickled Foods

The  consumption of pickled and salted foods lead to stomach cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers? The preservatives added to the food increases the shelf life does irreparable damage to your DNA or RNA, so you should be extremely careful!      
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