Protect rights of Sindhi people, says activist to UN

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept 19 (ANI): A Sindhi political activist has asked the United Nations Human Rights Office to take notice of rampant violations of human rights perpetrated by Pakistani state agencies against Sindhi people. While calling for the urgent attention of the UN Human Rights Council during the 39th Session, Hidayatullah Bhutto of World Sindhi Congress said, "Enforced disappearances of Sindhi political and human rights activists continue unabated. Since June 2018, 25 more Sindhi persons have been abducted, that is 10 persons per month. A tortured body of a renowned political worker, Syed Fatah Ali Shah was found a few days after he was abducted on August 18. Since February 2017, more than 200 cases have been reported including Hidayat Lohar, Khadim Arejo, Ghulam Shabir Kalhoro". He added, "With utmost sadness, we want to report that the agencies have committed crimes against women by molesting in some cases when they abducted the people." Bhutto told the UN that human rights violations have increased manifold since the launch of multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He elucidated, "The Pakistani agencies are using enforced disappearances as a tool to silence every voice and struggle of Sindhi people. The judicial system has provided no remedy and the perpetrators continue with impunity. Additionally, the state is aggressively pursuing construction of mega projects China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and dams on river Indus without any consideration of rights of indigenous Sindhi people and the environment." "We request the Council to take action to protect the rights of Sindhi people, the use of enforced disappearance must end, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice, holding the Pakistani government accountable," concluded Bhutto. (ANI)
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