Being bullied in school helped Lady Gaga in ‘A Star Is Born’

Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 25 (ANI): Lady Gaga has revealed being bullied in high school helped her with the role in the upcoming musical drama 'A Star Is Born'. In a recent interview, the 'Born This Way' hitmaker - who plays the role of a struggling singer-songwriter, Ally - talked about her role and the trust she had in co-star Bradley Cooper. "Well, what's different between Ally and I is that when I decided I was going to go for it as a singer and songwriter, I just hit the ground running," Gaga told People magazine. "I was dragging my keyboard around New York and I was pounding on doors. I really believed in myself." The 32-year-old further said that Ally is not 'this way' and that she does not believe in herself at all and has given up on herself. "What I had to do was go back further into my childhood, into my high school years, when I was bullied and made fun of for having big dreams. That's where I went. But I think I went further because I trusted Bradley so much - to be vulnerable, to be my authentic self," she said. 'A Star is Born' is a remake of 1937 film of the same name. It also marks Cooper's feature directorial debut. The story revolves around a star who helps an aspiring young actress find fame while he struggles with his own demons. (ANI)
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