Researchers build first-ever brain-to-brain network for thought exchange

Massachusetts [United States], October 1 : Reading one's mind may scientifically be true after all. Researchers have built a system called BrainNet which allows an actual exchange of thoughts between the brains. The precursor to BrainNet was a gear that University of Washington researchers used in 2015 to connect two people through a brain-to-brain interface. In its modern avatar, BrainNet allows three people to join a conversation using brain-to-brain network, Engadget reported. Using BrainNet, the participant group is able to play a collaborative Tetris-like game. The network uses a combination of electroencephalograms to record electrical activity and transcranial magnetic stimulation to send info. What differentiates it from telepathy is that BrainNet requires external intervention. It can only send one bit of data at a time. However, with advancements, it can be scaled up to transmit more complex thoughts across groups. (ANI)  
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