Rats gulped seized liquor claims Bihar police

Kaimur (Bihar) [India], Oct 2 (ANI): Authorities in Bihar's Kaimur district have blamed ratsfor gulping down seized liquor. The incident reportedly came to light yesterday when the authorities in the district opened the storeroom to destroy a total of 11,584 bottles seized during the raids in the past two years. "The beer cans seem to have been destroyed by rats. We saw big holes on the bottle caps when we opened the cartons," informed local sub-divisional magistrate Kumari Anupama. During the verification of liquor stocks, it was found that the beer cans were empty with big holes visible in their caps. As per reports, in May 2017, the rats had been blamed for consuming several thousand litres of seized alcohol, after the confiscated bottles, had gone missing from the storerooms.
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