Amy Schumer arrested for opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct 5 (ANI): American comedian-actor Amy Schumer got arrested in Washington D.C. with a group of other people for protesting against US Supreme Court judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing multiple sexual assault charges. According to TMZ, Amy and other protesters were shepherded by police inside the Senate office building on Capitol Hill, where an officer asked if she wanted to be arrested. Amy didn't hesitate and said yes while holding a "We Believe Anita Hill" sign. Anita Hill, a well known American attorney stood against Clarence Thomas, another Supreme Court nominee back in 1991 and accused him of sexual harassment. Other celebrities who joined Schumer in efforts to stop the US Senate's vote in favour of Kavanaugh also included model Emily Ratajkowski. (ANI)
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