Jim Carrey blasts Kavanaugh, Trump

Washington DC, [USA] Oct 7 (ANI): Actor Jim Carrey is the latest to join the bandwagon of people raising their voice against the recently-appointed Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is currently facing multiple sexual assault allegations. During The New Yorker festival, where America's well-known actors and politicians congregate, Carrey criticised the newly sworn-in judge and the Donald Trump administration. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carrey, while sharing a drawing of Christine Blasey Ford who was one of the several women to expose Kavanaugh, called her efforts, the "Real American heroism", "Dr. Ford risked everything, to tell the truth about this privileged Kavanaugh goon," he added. Referring to Trump's administration, he said that it is still not the "end of the world" and that people can do "something to change it" if they came out to vote. He further said that Trump was a "traitor" when it came to upholding his "presidential powers". (ANI)
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