IT raids Gelhot’s properties: AAP holds PM, Amit Shah responsible

New Delhi [India], Oct 10 (ANI): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday held Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shahresponsible for the Income Tax (IT) department's raids at 16 properties of Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot. Among the properties raided are Gahlot's residence and companies like Brisk Infrastructure and Developers Ltd and Corporate International Financial Services Ltd, which belong to the AAP leader. The raids are being carried out in Delhi and Gurugram. "This is not the first time when agencies under the central government have raided properties of the AAP leaders. We are the only political party whose almost 100 per cent donations come through banking channels. We might be the only political party which is getting notices from the Income Tax every second day. This makes it clear that the central government is using all its agencies to intimidate and fear the AAP. Whether it is Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Income Tax (IT), Enforcement Directorate (ED) or Delhi Police, the central government has put all the agencies behind the AAP," said AAP's Atishi Marlena while addressing a media briefing here. Marlena claimed that the raids were being carried out because of two reasons. "Earlier, the former Chief Election Commissioner had given an unconstitutional order and disqualified our 20 MLAs on his last working day. After signing it, the President of India issued that order on a Sunday. However, the High Court later said that the EC's order was against the principles of natural justice. Kailash Gelhot is leading the legal actions of the case," she said. "Whether it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi or BJP president Amit Shah, they want 20 AAP MLAs to be illegally and unconstitutionally disqualified. But since AAP is giving a strong legal battle through Kailash Gehlot, it has not happened till now. This is the reason why IT is raiding his properties," she added. Marlena said the second reason behind the raids is because Gehlot played a crucial role in implementing home delivery or services. "This is a revolutionary change in the governance. This comes under Administrative reforms department which is looked after by Kailash Gehlot. He has been pursuing this issue for over a year now. Despite multiple efforts made by the Centre to stop this service, AAP has been able to implement these services. Today, more than 40 government services are available to people at home service," Marlena said. She added, "Because Kailash Gehlot was doing all this, today (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have sent IT department to his home. You can put whosoever behind us, but we are not getting afraid of you. Just like you failed in your earlier attempt, this time also nothing will be found." (ANI)
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