Specially-abled girl avails benefits of Samagra Shiksha scheme in Udhampur

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir), Oct 14 (ANI): Inclusive and equitable quality of education is the right of the every child. Government of India launched many schemes for the benefit and the upliftment of the specially-abled children. Children with Special Needs (CWSN) receive benefits of a normal life and schooling under Samagra Shiksha scheme. This scheme is for children, especially living in far flung and remote areas, to attend special school. Students get proper books, special care, proper reading time, special attention by the teachers, amongst other things. In Udhampur, a 15-year-old specially-abled girl is receiving the benefits of this scheme in Jammu and Kashmir. She lives with her parents and sister and attends a special government school where she is slowly grasping alphabets and how to read time. Despite difficulties, the girl manages to eat, drink, write and even operate a smartphone including social media. Her family praised the government for their efforts in this field.
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