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2 GoAir flights return midway after technical glitches

New Delhi [India], Oct 21 (ANI): Two GoAir flights on Sunday made unplanned landings after one suffered a technical glitch and the other had a faulty indication on the cargo hold. GoAir Flight G8 174 from Delhi to Male suffered a technical glitch and returned to Delhi for identification and rectification of the issue. "GoAir Flight G8 174 which was operating from Delhi - Male suffered a technical glitch. As per the standard operating procedure, the captain decided to return back to Delhi. Post landing, the glitch was identified and rectified by changing a component," a statement issued by GoAir said. "GoAir is committed to the highest standards of safety of passengers and its own crew members and the crew operated within the established guidelines to provide for safe travel," the statement further read. In another incident, the Flight G8 285, operating on Goa-Delhi route, had to make a precautionary landing due to a faulty indication on cargo hold. In the statement issued about both the incidents, GoAir also expressed regrets for the inconvenience caused to its passengers and asserted that the airline is committed to the highest degree of safety of its passengers and its own crew members. (ANI)
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