EPCA directs industries to stop burning waste in Narela, Bawana Industrial belt

New Delhi [India], Oct 22 (ANI): The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) on Monday held an urgent meeting here, where it instructed the industrialists to stop burning plastic and rubber waste in the Narela and Bawanaindustrial belt as it has escalated the level of toxic content. Lately, it has been found that many industries operating in this belt burnt waste in open, deteriorating the air quality and causing serious health hazards. The meeting was attended by Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and Narela Industrial Estate representatives. EPCA Chairman, Bhure Lal instructed the Narela Industrial Estate representatives to stop burning the plastic and rubber waste immediately, as well as told them that any kind of violation will lead to a compensation of hefty fine which might also lead to prosecution. The industries have sought ten days to clear the waste dumped on the roadsides. However, representatives of the industries also stated that they do not have a place to dump the waste MCD is mandated to collect Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) only. Another point that was discussed in the meeting was that most of the waste is dumped at night. As a solution to this, EPCA suggested night patrolling to improve the ongoing scenario. Compared to the stubble burning practice which is considered as a major reason for air pollution, the burning of industrial waste is more life-threatening as it produces dioxins which damage the immune system, hormones and also cause cancer. The industrialists assured that no burning will take place till EPCA grants permission. Two industries operating in this industrial belt have already been fined, one with Rs. 10 lakh and the other with Rs. 5 lakh for dumping waste on the roads. The EPCA team headed by Bhure Lal visited Narela and Bawana Industrial belt on Saturday. The team will revisit the locations in the first week of November to check the progress. The EPCA is a Central Government constituted committee for the National Capital Region.(ANI)
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