From Atishi ‘Marlena’ to Atishi to Atishi ‘Singh’ : AAP’s name-change strategy

AAP leader Atishi, who was asked to drop her surname ‘Marlena’ recently, has now officially become ‘Atishi Singh’ in the run-up to the polls. At a recent event in Delhi, all posters and banners of the AAP carried her surname as ‘Singh’.

Atishi had decided to drop her last name ‘Marlena’ in August, ostensibly to counter alleged ‘rumours’ that claimed that she was a Christian or a foreigner. Both AAP and Atishi had denied that the move had been undertaken in view of ‘caste’ considerations.

Atishi’s original last name is Singh. The surname ‘Marlena’ was given to Atishi by her parents, who were Leftists, in reference to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. After she decided to drop her second name from all official communications of the party, the AAP’s website had changed her name to Atishi and her Twitter handle was also changed from @AtishiMarlena to @AtishiAAP.

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