Dead bird on runway makes Kochi-Delhi flight abort 2 landing attempts

New Delhi [India], Oct 23 (ANI): A Vistara flight operating on the Kochi-Delhi route had to abort two landing attempts on Tuesday owing to the presence of a dead bird on the runway. Flight number UK-882 from Kochi to Delhi had to go-around (aborted landing) twice today at the Delhi airport when Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructed the pilots that there was a dead bird on the runway. The flight departed from Kochi Cochin International Airport at around 9:47 in the morning and was scheduled to arrive at 12:55 pm. It, however, was reportedly able to land only at 1:23 pm with a delay of about 28 minutes. Confirming the incident, Vistara Spokesperson said, "The Flight Crew of UK 882 operating Kochi-Delhi today initiated go-around on approach to Delhi due to the presence of a dead bird on the runway, as instructed by the ATC." (ANI)
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