Kabul: Suicide bomber kills 40, injures over 80

Kabul [Afghanistan], Nov 20 (ANI): A suicide bomber targetted a wedding hall here on Tuesday, killing over 40 people and injuring around 80 others who were part of a large gathering assembled to mark Prophet Mohammad's birthday. Quoting the Ministry of Public Health, TOLOnews reported that the explosion took place at the Uranus Wedding Hall at around 06:15 pm (local time). The Ministry of Interior, on the other hand, stated that around 50 people had died or were wounded in the suicide bombing. "Eyewitnesses say at least 1,000 people were inside wedding hall when the suicide bomber detonated explosives targeting a gathering to mark Prophet Mohammad's birthday. So far at least 40 people killed, officials confirm #Afghanistan," TOLOnews reported. Emergency efforts are still underway, as ambulances are rushing the victims to the hospital.
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