PM Modi lauds spread of City Gas Distribution across India under his government

New Delhi, Nov 22 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of City Gas Distribution (CGD) projects under its 9th bidding round and also launched the 10th CGD bidding round in New Delhi on Thursday. Speaking at the launch of the bidding, Prime Minister Modi said, ?Till 2014, only 66 districts across the country were within the purview of City Gas Distribution, today the number rose to 174 districts. In next 2-3 years its reach will spread to 400 districts. It?s a grand picture of how our cities have taken steps towards gas-based economy.? This is a part of PM Modi?s resolve to develop India as a gas-based economy. The 10th CGD bidding round will ensure access to clean fuels to 70% of India?s population and City Gas Expansion initiatives will cover about 53% of India?s geographical location.
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