Sagar: Put campaign money to better use, urges this MP voter

Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 25 (ANI): As campaigning entered its final leg in the poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, politicians are leaving no stone unturned in appeasing voters. However, there is one voter who firmly believes that the money spent on pleasing the electorates through campaigning can be put to better use. The lone man who has taken the burden to spread the awareness in this regard is Devendra Milan. Milan carries a placard with a message and a national flag at various political rallies, to register his protest against the huge amount of money spent in election campaigns by political parties. His endevaour enthralled eye balls at an election rally recently addressed by Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Sagar city, where, in his message he urged the politicians to use the campaigning budget for opening industrial training ITI (Industrial Training Institute). Milan believes, that the extravagant money which is spent on campaigning can be used for development work, such as providing employment to the needy. Elaborating on his initiative he stated, "people can get employment especially in the field of beedi and agarbatti manufacturing sector, with the amount being spread on political campaigns." From Sagar, Milan is now planning to move towards capital city Bhopal in order to further spread his message. The state of Madhya Pradesh will go to polls to elect legislators for its 230 constituencies on November 28. Results will be declared on December 11. (ANI)
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