French Interior Minister strengthens anti-terror measures after Strasbourg shooting

Paris [France], Dec 12 (ANI/Sputnik): French Interior Minister Christophe Castanerannounced on Wednesday strengthening of the anti-terrorism measures in the country after the shooting of Strasbourg. "Currently, the anti-terrorism measures have been boosted in France," he said at a press conference in Strasbourg. France also tightened border controls after the incident, Castaner added. "The authorities decided to declare terrorism alert. Enhanced control at borders will be implemented. Also, enhanced control will be exercised in all Christmas markets in the country," the minister said. According to the Interior Ministry, three people were killed as a result of the shooting near the Christmas fair in Strasbourg, another 12 were injured. The shooter is still at large. According to media reports, the suspect is a 29-year-old native of Strasbourg, who was previously convicted for an armed attack.
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