Christmas spirit grips nation

New Delhi [India], Dec 25 (ANI): A number of people from the Christian community thronged the decked up churches in different cities on Christmas Eve to attend the midnight mass. Wearing their choicest attire, devotees, along with their family members and friends, sung carols and read the story of Jesus Christ's birth from the Bible in various cities, including Goa, Bengaluru and the national capital. People gathered in huge numbers to attend the midnight mass at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church in Panaji, Goa, Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi and Bengaluru's St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral. In the north Indian hill town Dharmashala, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus, among people of other religions celebrated Christmas at St. John's Church in the Wilderness in Mcleodganj. Many also prayed for the tsunami victims of Indonesia. At least 373 people lost their lives in the devastating tsunami that struck Sunda Strait on Saturday. Claire, a French tourist told ANI, "We are sending a lot of prayers and good thoughts for all the people who suffered under the tsunami in Indonesia and we are thinking of them." She further said, "I am here today because it is Christmas and I wanted to find a place where I could be a part of the celebration. I am very happy to a see a lot of different people coming from different culture and religion, gathering at the same place and having a good moment together. I think that is the most important thing as it sends a message of communal harmony." Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25 and marks the birth of Jesus Christ. It is commemorated by the Christian community and others across the globe by singing carols and exchanging gifts, as the festival aims to spread the message of peace and prosperity.
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