The only Russian collusion was with Hillary and Democrats: Trump

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 30 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Sunday said that the Russians colluded with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Quoting the Wall Street Journal writer Kimberley Strassel, Trump reiterated that his campaign had "absolutely nothing" to do with the Russians. He also termed the Russian collusion the "greatest hoax" in the history of US politics. "Absolutely nothing" (on Russian Collusion). Kimberley Strassel, The Wall Street Journal. The Russian Collusion fabrication is the greatest Hoax in the history of American politics. The only Russian Collusion was with Hillary and the Democrats!" Trump tweeted. Turning the tables on former president Barack Obama and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Trump further said that the Department of Justice and the FBI rigged investigation for Hillary. "It turns out to be true now, that the Department of Justice and the FBI, under President Obama, rigged the investigation for Hillary and really turned the screws on Trump, and now it looks like in a corrupt & illegal way. The facts are out now. Whole Hoax exposed," Trump tweeted.
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