Kolkata-bound Indigo flight returns to Chennai due to technical glitch

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan 5 (ANI): A Kolkata-Chennai Indigo flight returned to Chennai shortly after take-off due to technical snag observed by the crew. In a statement, the airlines stated that it was merely a normal operating procedure and that no emergency landing was declared. "Flight 6E 923 (Neo) operating on Chennai-Kolkata route on 3 January returned to Chennai after take-off due to technical caution noted by crew. Crew followed normal operating procedures and asked for priority landing. There was no engine shutdown and no emergency landing was declared," the statement read. According to sources, the aircraft was stalled mid-air and a loud bang, sparks and heavy vibration of engines were reported. The flight then returned to Chennai with damaged engine blades. Further details in the matter are awaited. (ANI)
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