Jio Tower Scam: Fake Reliance Websites Are Taking People’s Money

A mass-marketing fraud for the sake of Reliance Jio has been drawing in unsuspecting victims across the nation over, tricking them of lakhs of rupees. These cheats, which are one of a kind to India – attributable to its quickly extending versatile market – trap unfortunate casualties by offering to "rent" out their territory at excessive rents (Rs 15-35,000 every month) for setting up mobile communication towers, and furthermore offer a good looking one-time advance installment (Rs 10-25 lakh). The catch: A "little" preparing charge somewhere around Rs 10-50,000. This "little" expense collects to lakhs and even crores with an expansion in the quantity of exploited people. And unlike other internet-based frauds, which are often run by unorganised groups for short stints, the ‘Jio tower scam’ appears to be a highly efficient, organised racket. It has a well-laid out victim acquisition strategy, fail-safe contingencies and a modus operandi designed to evade legal and police scrutiny as far as possible. Photo Courtesy: Google.
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