Saudi young lady escaping from family, conceded refuge in Canada

Bangkok [Thailand], Jan 12 : A 18-year-old Saudi young lady, Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, who fled from her family in Kuwait to Thailand, has been allowed haven in Canada. As per The Washington Post, Alqunun was admitted to Thailand on Monday where United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees prepared her interest for a place of refuge. A few countries, including Australia, had invited Alqunun as an exile, yet she favored Canada. Alqunun was halted by Thai experts where she had closed herself in her airplane terminal lodging. She had asked for a gathering with agents of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, so as to look for shelter as she was escaping her harsh family. The Saudi youngster had loaded onto a plane to Thailand while her family was on a vacation in Kuwait. After touching base in Thailand, she guaranteed that her international ID was removed by a man at the air terminal on the guise of getting her a Thai visa. Notwithstanding, the man did not appear, she said. Besides, the 18-year-old asserted that the man who removed her international ID accompanied other men who she accepts were Thai security officers and an agent of Kuwait Airlines. The men supposedly disclosed to Alqunun that her family had documented a missing individual report about her and educated her that she needed to profit to Kuwait for a flight late Monday morning. She had additionally cleared up that she didn't flee from home so as to get away from her marriage.
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