The possibility of rain in these 5 states during the next 24 to 36 hours

New Delhi. On one side, due to the snowfall in northern India, many states have received cold wave, while in some states there is a possibility of rain. According to the Sky Met Weather Forecast Agency, there is a slight increase in night temperature in western parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. During the next 24 to 36 hours, light drizzling can occur at different places in south-east Bihar and southwest Bihar. Similarly, there may be slight rains over north-east Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Jharkhand, North Chhattisgarh and south-eastern Uttar Pradesh. The Director of the Meteorological Department, said that there are chances of heavy rains in the high altitude areas of Kullu, Lahul-Spiti, Mandi, Sirmaur, Chamba and highlands in the lower areas. By which the residents of the region will have to face the cold. Photo Courtesy: Google
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