49 people injured on day one of Jallikattu festival in Tamil Nadu

Forty-nine people were injured on the first day of the traditional Jallikattu festival in Tamil Nadu that has attracted the ire of animal activists, officials said Wednesday.

The Supreme Court outlawed Jallikattu in 2016 after a plea by animal rights groups but Tamil Nadu insisted Jallikattu was a crucial part of its culture and identity.

Growing tensions in the state capital Chennai, and other cities, led Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue an executive order that the centuries-old festival must go ahead.

During the Jallikattu festival in Tamil Nadu bulls festooned with marigolds are released from pens and men try to grab their horns to win prizes such as scooters and whitegoods.

Critics say the bulls are fed alcohol and chilli powder is thrown in their faces to agitate them before the clash. Organisers insist the animals are not mistreated.

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