Malaysian woman Azy Nadia Aziz criticised for taking selfies with 5-foot crocodile

The incident took place in the city of Kota Baru in the northern Malaysian state of Kelantan when 22-year-old Azy Nadia Aziz found a 5-foot crocodile milling around the back of her house.

So Azy Nadia Aziz decided to take the huge reptile into her home for a cuddle and a selfie together.

She added: 'I took a video with it before releasing it into a nearby river that evening.'

However, some people criticised the 22-year-old Azy Nadia Aziz for cuddling and posing with the crocodile and sharing the video on Facebook.

Azy Nadia Aziz responded to her online critics by saying: 'Stop criticising me as I did not keep it as a pet. I only captured it for a while.'

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