Sabarimala Temple: 2 women dressed as men try to enter shrine

Kerala,16 Jan:Protesters forced two women in their 30s to turn back halfway from the hilltop shrine of Sabarimala in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta on Wednesday, days after two others became the first to offer prayers at the shrine in centuries.Reshma Nishanth and Shanila Sajesh, residents of Kannur, covered almost half of the 5.5-kilometre trek to the temple but were intercepted by angry devotees in the morning.Dressed in men’s clothes, they used the lean time early in the morning to dodge protesters and started trekking at 5am. Both of them said they came after police promised protection.They managed to trek for some time but were identified and encircled by the protesters as they walked up. Police then arrested five of the protesters and the women continued trekking for some time.They were stopped in Neelimala as large numbers of protesters lay on the path leading to the temple to stop them from going further. The drama continued for two hours and police removed them forcibly.
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