Dholera gets investor, Chinese company will Invest 21000 crores

Ahmedabad: For a long time, a company has been set up to invest in the Dholera Special Investment Region, which is promoting the nation by promoting the country and the world. China's Tsingshan Holding Group has proposed to invest Rs 21,000 crore in Dholera. In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the founder and chairman of the company announced this investment in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show. The Tsingshan company, which includes the original Chinese and Fortune 100 Chinese stainless steel makers, will be invested in conjunction with the steel of India's steel. Chrome's company's stainless steel plant is located at Mundra Port in Kachchh. Tsingshan Holding Group, a China-based Fortune 100 steelmaker, said that it would to invest USD 3 billion (Rs 21,000 crore) in Dholera SIR. The investment will be made in conjunction with their Indian JV partner Chromeni Steel. The company is currently involved in setting up of a major stainless steel complex in Mundra in Kutch district. “The company is an emerging electrical vehicle battery producer and is considering to set up an electrical battery plant in Dholera to cater to the fast developing auto industry in India,” said Jai Prakash Shivahare, managing director, Dholera. Photo Courtesy: Google
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