Five applications in the Gujarat HC to mitigate the prohibition against alcoholism at home

Ahmedabad: More applicants have approached the Gujarat High Court with the demand for easing the Prohibition Act against the consumption of liquor at the closed door between the four walls of the house. For this, he has argued that due to the strict prohibition of current prohibition, the rights of the citizens of the country are violated. The Chief Justice Ananth Dave and Justice Biren Vaishnav ordered the Gujarat government to respond to the five different applications filed in this regard and on 11 February the next hearing has been fixed. Last year an applicant had filed a petition in the High Court seeking private access to liquor at home. Now, more than four applicants have demanded the cancellation of various affiliated sections of the Gujarat Prohibition Act and Bombay Foreign Leaker Rules. One of these applicants, Sanjay Parikh appealed to the government to soften the prohibition law and in addition to the reasons for his application and reasoning. Photo Courtesy: Google
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