On Monday, the Amdavadis saw the sight of Super Moon

Ahmedabad: On Monday, the Amdavadis saw the sight of Super Moon. Usually, the Moon's distance from Earth is 3.85 lakh kilometers. However, at the time of the moon eclipse, the distance of the Moon from Earth is less than 50,000 kilometers per day. On Monday night, the moon was 14 percent more than usual and 30 percent more was released. However, this eclipse did not appear in India. The moon passes through the shadow of the earth and eclipses when the sun, moon and the earth are in a row. The eclipse lasted about 62 minutes. Only the moon gets red at the time of taking the full moon. However, the complete moon eclipse could not be seen in India. Such an event occurs once every two and a half years. The reason for changing the color of the moon is the earth's atmosphere. The Sun's light comes from the Moon. The color of the Earth changes from the air and the particles. The eclipse first started from North Africa. It was found in countries of America and Europe. Thereafter, on 29th May 2021 the full moon eclipse will be seen. Photo Courtesy: Google
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