Gujarat: Asha Patel resigns as Congress Unjha MLA, criticizes Rahul, praises Modi

Gujarat: Congress Unjha MLA Asha Patel has submitted her resignation to Rajendra Trivedi, Speaker of Gujarat legislative assembly. Even before the Lok Sabha elections, there has been an increase in anger in the Congress. Today, Congress MLA Ashaben Patel of Unjha seat has resigned from the post of MLA and Congress membership. In his letter to the Congress, Ashaben wrote that Rahul Gandhi's leadership has failed, when the Prime Minister has given 10% reservation to the saffron, Congress is interested in dealing with the ethnicity. In the resignation sent to the Congress, Asha Patel wrote that, despite repeated representation of the region and the national level for the past one year, no efforts have been made to re-establish between the organization and the elected wing. Rahul Gandhi's leadership has also failed. People's questions can not be solved too. We constantly fight for the people's questions in our constituency and there is no support from the party. Because of which we and the people are annoyed. At present, when our Prime Minister has tried to give 10% of the basic reserves, Congress organization takes an interest in fighting people in the name of caste and religion. In these circumstances, it has become difficult for me to act as a representative of Congress. So I resign from all posts of Congress, membership and MLA. I do not have the right to continue as an elected member because I do not get any support in the works of the people because elected as the representative of the Congress.
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