Ahmedabad: In the two-day campaign, the AMC recovered 7.68 crore tax

Ahmedabad: AMC, By the end of this financial year, has started a sealing campaign with the target of levying property tax of Rs 900 crore. More than 2,000 properties have been sealed in two days. These are properties whose tax is 50 thousand or more. AMC in a two-day sealing campaign The corporation also levied a tax of Rs 7.68 crore. Earlier, the target to levy property tax during the current financial year was 910 crore rupees. In December last year, the target of 10 crore was reduced to 900 crore. So far the total income of property tax in the municipality is Rs 676 crore. That is, there is a loss of Rs 224 crore. The tax department has started a sealing campaign as it has left only 60 days to complete the target. On February 1, 931 properties in the city and 1167 properties were sealed. The auctioning of assets worth 10 lakh rupees or more in the city will be confiscated and its auction plan will also be implemented. Muni officials consider sealing campaigns as a major weapon for tax recovery.
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