Ahmedabad: Police raid at Fake call centers, arrested 52 people from 2 places

Ahmedabad: On third day, Police have raid over the ongoing Fake call centers in the city. The cyber crime team of Ahmedabad has arrested 30 accused from Panhaladnagar area, while the Sola police has arrested 22 Accused of Fake call centers from Bagban Party Plot. Cyber crime branch team raided late night on the basis of intelligence that some people were running a Fake call centers in the building in Prahaladnagar area. They asked people to pay money saying they had drugs in the car. Police took action against them, computer and magic jacks are siezed. The Sola police had found that a Fake call center is run in the Earth Assus building near the Bagban Party plot. On the basis of which the police reached there. Police arrested 22 accused. The accused used to be an officer of Canada's Incompetence and used to impose money from the citizens there. More than 10 laptops have been seized.
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