Morning Top News: 07/02/2019

Cabinet approves abolition of Ombudsman for direct, indirect taxes

  Delhi: Replicas of the 7 wonders of the world recreated by SDMC

  16 trains to Delhi running late due to fog

  Kerala: 2 RSS workers were injured in a clash with 2 DYFI workers in Trivandrum

  Ahmedabad to Kolkata GO-Air Flight made emergency landing due to Engine fail

  US calls for immediate reopening of Tienditas international bridge blocking aid from entering Venezuela

  Donald Trump nominates World Bank critic David Malpass to lead institution

  Afghanistan: World bank grants $325 million to strengthen economy

  Behind every successful man’s fall also, there is a woman: Shatrughan Sinha

  Sensex touches 37,087.46, Nifty currently at 11,092.05

  HOROSCOPE: Know how will your day go today

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