Women’s virginity test will be banned, the accused will be punished

MUMBAI: In Maharashtra, it is considered a crime to carry out a virginity test of any woman. This is a tradition in some communities in the state. In this society, there are talented women to prove that they were well-wishers before marriage. Home Minister Ranjit Patil visited a delegation with some community organizations about this. Shiv Sena spokesman Neelam Goreh was also part of the delegation. The minister said that now the Virginity Test will be considered sexual exploitation. Circulars will be issued by talking to the Law and Justice Department about this. In it, it will be declared a penal offense. This type of things, which injures women's honor, is in kanjarbhat and some other communities. Some youths of the same community have started an online campaign against this custom. Ranjit Patil has also said that her department will review sexual exploitation every two months and ensure that such cases in the court are less-pending.  
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