Moldova’s former PM’s son Vlad Luca Filat’s money seized after paying £390k in rent

Moldova's jailed former PM's son Vlad Luca Filat who used £390,000 from his dad's £646 million bank fraud to rent a lavish penthouse has had his assets seized.

Vlad Luca Filat funded his extravagant lifestyle for years using cash which vanished from three banks.

The 22-year-old Vlad Luca Filat is the son of Moldova's jailed former prime minister, Vladimir Filat, who was jailed for nine years in June 2016 for his part in a fraud worth £772 million [$1billion], an eighth of Moldova's GDP.

Vlad Luca Filat who moved to posh Knightsbridge London as a student in July 2016, must now hand British authorities nearly £500,000 thought to be from the fraud.

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