Russian Model Karina Shankina raped and murdered by 31 year old married man

A Young Russian model Karina Shankina was raped and murdered by a 31 year old man posing as a tenant who wanted to rent her flat, police have said.

The naked body of Karina Shankina was found in the bath of her apartment in the Russian city of Orenburg.

A 31 year old married father of two was later detained on suspicion of rape and murder after the Model Karina Shankina’s mother reported her missing.

Police claim the 31 year old man had earlier suggested he wanted to rent the flat as a love nest for an extramarital affair with an unknown woman.

But when he was shown the flat by Karina, who had advertised for a tenant, he raped her and then killed her to try and cover-up the crime because he feared she would report him to police

Karina Shankina died from drowning, according to police.

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