Vera Maceiras Rijo dies after falling from sixth floor of Hotel in Thailand

A 24-year-old Portuguese woman Vera Maceiras Rijo died Sunday following a fall from the sixth floor of a hotel in Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

Vera Maceiras Rijo would be sharing a room with an older sister, with whom she was on vacation.

The body of Vera Maceiras Rijo was taken to autopsy and according to the international press, the Portuguese embassy was requested to transport the body of the woman back to the country of origin Portugal.

A medical examiner from Police General Hospital briefly examined the body of Vera Maceiras Rijo and found a deep wound on her left leg caused by the barbed wire. The wire had severed an artery which led to massive blood loss. Ms Vera Maceiras Rijo died from exsanguination, police summarised the doctor’s findings.
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