Vera Maceiras Rijo was doing Yoga on porch when she fell down from the building in Thailand

A 24-year-old Portuguese woman Vera Maceiras Rijo died last Friday in a six floor building from a Bangkok neighborhood in Thailand.

The girl, identified as Vera Maceiras Rijo, was caught by video surveillance cameras doing yoga on the porch at dawn.

CCTV footage reportedly shows that Vera Maceiras Rijo went to the open deck to perform her yoga at around 5am.

The Vera Maceiras Rijo's body was found around 8 o'clock in the morning, tangled in the barbed wire surrounding the hotel.

Initial skills tell that the Vera Maceiras Rijo died after the blood loss caused by a deep wound.

Vera Maceiras Rijo was at the vacation hotel with an older sister, with whom she shared the room.

The Portuguese Embassy has already been notified and informed about death and is now in charge of bring the body of Vera Maceiras Rijo back to her hometown Portugal.

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