Chinese girl chen uses phone in full brightness for 2 years,ends up with holes in her eyes

A 25-year-old Chinese woman named Chen who kept her screen in full brightness for two years which has resulted in 500 holes in her eyes. Chen effectively burned up holes in her cornea after exposing her eyes to more than 600 lumens (level of brightness) every day for two years, said doctors who examined her.

The recommended daily level of lumens is 300 and Chen was using her phone at almost twice the level.

Chen went to an eye specialist after experiencing pain in her eyes which eventually turned into a bloodshot. When doctors examined her eyes, they found her cornea was “congested with blood” and her eyesight was permanently damaged, reported a newspaper.

Her right eye was worse than her left with 500 holes in the cornea.

According to eye experts, exposing our eyes to anything more than 600 lumens for just two hours can cause damage to the retina and the cornea. In some cases, it can even cause permanent blindness.

The model of the phone that Chen was using is still unclear but experts suggest that “blue light” from modern phones can cause damage to the retina.

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